Our Last Day As Us….

July 7, 2010 by

The title says it all. We are no longer the PPF. We are shutting down. After long hours of debating and negotiating and work, we are merging with the CPBA. We are no longer the puny PPF that we once were, unkown to the world of CP warfare, nor are the CPBA. We are one. We are strong. We are the
Elite BlackBirds of Club Penguin!
As of this moment all PPF operations are to be terminated. We are to move to our new site: http://eliteblackbirdsofcp.wordpress.com/
SO TO YOU MY SOLDIERS, I say on this day, we will no longer be in the shadows! WE WILL NO LONGER BE tormented by those who are bigger than us! WE WILL STAND AND SAY IN ONE VOICE, WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT, WE WILL STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT! FOR WHAT IS OURS! AND FOR WHAT WE
Edit: We will not remove the site. It will eternally stand as a monument for the PPF.



July 6, 2010 by

We here at the PPF are not cowards. We do not argue
pointlessly over who won a battle. We either claim
victory and stick with it or admit defeat and move
on. So we, The Penguin Patriot Force admit
defeat over the two servers Ascent and Snowball at the
hands of the CPBA.
Thank you for attending even
though I couldn’t.


The Deal

June 29, 2010 by

Here is the deal, we will still be invading the
three servers it’s just there is now a deal.
If we win the CPBA give us the servers. It
is the same thing for them. Here is a copy
of the contract:

Do you the PPF leader accept these
battles? Do you the PPF leader swear not to back
out? You understand if you lose you can not enter
these servers in PPF uniform?

Signature: Martion231

So here is another aggrement:


The agreement between holo2 and I

So now we are in it for the long run.
And if we lose here, we will invade
more servers. We must gain at least
one server! I will see you there!

PPF Leader

A Loss….And A Gain

June 27, 2010 by

We have lost our beloved home server of
Walrus. As much as it pains
me to say this, I, Martion231 of the PPF,
admit defeat at the hands of the Club
Penguin Builders Army.
Though with this
loss, we have gained something. What
we have gained is the knowledge of
what we can become. So with this
we are to invade three neutral servers.
That’s right, three. Here are the details:

Invasion of Snow Ball
Date: Saturday, July 3 12:00 EST
Where: Snow Ball, Cove
Who: Us invading neutral serverthe jerkwad CPBA are also invading it in attempt to make us a weak army.

Invasion of Ascent
Date: Saturady, July 3 4:00 EST
Where: Ascent, Beach
Who: Us invading neutral serverthe jerkwad CPBA are also invading it in attempt to make us a weak army.

Invasion of Bigfoot
Date: Friday, July 2 3:00 EST
Where: Bigfoot, Ski Hill
Who: Us invading neutral serverthe jerkwad CPBA are also invading it in attempt to make us a weak army.

Now it may seem like a lot, but we can do it!
We will reclaim Walrus in time, but we have
gone with one server for too long! I will see
you at the frontlines trooper!

Over and out

Edit: To any and all soldiers involved, the dates have been changed!

We Have A Problem…

June 27, 2010 by

Hi Soldiers this is your leader, TheMaster. i just want to give you a quick notice and say that i am still active, but i just found out that my summers gonna be booked for quite some time. and already as we speek i am in a hotel in LA,CA!!!(Los Angeles California) one last thing, i am going to run a active check to see how many soldiers visit this site. so all PPF soldiers, comment on this post. i repeat, COMMENT or me and martion will start taking measures in firing all unactive soldiers


June 25, 2010 by

The title says it all we went for the win!
Since the CPBA were nowhere to be found
I martion231 of the PPF claim Walrus to
remain rightfully ours. With the help of a
few recruits that we gathered earlier we
managed 3-5 strong. Thats awesome!


I only got this picture of a line in the Town

That just proves what we can do! And
we will still be having the Tactics Session
as scheduled.

PPF Leader


June 24, 2010 by

The Club Penguin Builders Army
has declared war! We must defend
Our capitol of Walrus!
Here are the details:

June 25, 2010 2:00 EST
Walrus, Snow Forts

They have large numbers and this is short notice
but we can win! Remember our anthem! One final
effort! We will fight til we win!
Also, the Tactics Session will go on as scheduled.

Prepare for war!

Tactics Session (Again)

June 20, 2010 by

Due to the fact that neither themaster
or I were able to attend the battle, we
can not review it nor post pictures.
So we will be rescheduling it for this

Who: Us!
When: Friday, June 25th 7:00 EST 6:00 CST 5:00 MST 4:00 PST
What: Tactics Session
Where: Walrus, Cove

So be on C.P., be on chat, and be ready!

New flag?

June 16, 2010 by

hey martion, i had a new flag that we could use in the army. Tell me if you like it.

I’m your NEW leader!

June 16, 2010 by

Hi guys I am second in command here now in the PPF. The The Name is TheMaster14 and my cp user name is Gladd2btin. Feel free to join the RebelUnion! just go to this site and fill out the slip on the “army nations” page and your in! rebelunion.wordpress.com

Thanks for letting me join!